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David Knight(non-registered)
Excellent work, Lane. Looking forward to your leadership with the SCCL Photo Club special interest group.
Martin Cutrone(non-registered)
Beautiful images. The black and whites are outstanding. Would love to learn from you and improve my skills.
john p. mueller
These photos are world class. This is a side of your soul that I suspected, but didn't know for sure till now. A great life stride for the lady who showed me how to properly clean my tack for a Corinthian, which changed part of me forever. Thanks!
Harden Crawford(non-registered)
Lane, these are really lovely. This is a side of you I haven't seen before. Keep it up. Your work is great. Den.
JB McCollum(non-registered)
Great job Lane! Really like your work! Be in contact.
All the Best,
Carmen Imgrund(non-registered)
Stunning Lane. Just stunning. They look like impressionist paintings. Thank you for showing us the beauty of nature. Truly beautiful
Sally Harris(non-registered)
Lane! This is great! Congratulations!!!!
Tom Klaas(non-registered)
Creativity is the best evidence of a God incarnate. This work illustrates that fact beautifully. Thank you Lane.
carol macleod(non-registered)
Love it all!!
Jessie Felix(non-registered)
Wonderful Lane!!! Its beautiful!
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